Department Printers

25 Park Place, 6th Floor

25 Park Place, 7th Floor

25 Park Place, 18th Floor

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All of the printers within the GSU Computer Science department are available for use under the following guidelines:

  • Only Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students within the department are authorized to print.
  • You can only print from a university-managed computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux.
  • You cannot print from a personal laptop or desktop, regardless of operating system.
  • You cannot print from a wireless device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc).
  • Graduate Students cannot print in color, from any printer, at any time.

You can print by selecting one of the network printers when printing from a department-managed computer.

Please note that all network printers are monitored. Misuse of department resources will result in printing privileges being revoked for any violators of this and any other Georgia State University technology guidelines.

The Computer Science department has one heavy-duty Xerox copy machine available for use by faculty, staff, and graduate students. You may find these resources in the following locations:

  • 25 Park Place, 7th Floor

Usage of the copy machines follow the same restrictions as with network printing. Students are permitted to scan their documents to a GSU email address. For assistance with access to the copy resources, please speak with your graduate student adviser.

The Computer Science department offers large-format publication printing – such as posters and signs – for a limited scope of faculty, staff, and eligible graduate students. All print publication requests must be reviewed and approved by management. You MUST be a Computer Science faculty, staff, or currently enrolled Graduate Student in order to request large format print services.

For more information, see Poster Printing.

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